Digital Marketing is a broad category that covers integrated communications through all marketing channels. In human-speak that’s social media, newsletters, blogs, advertising, PR — anything that touches your audience via digital means.

Second to marketing strategy, this is the number one thing our clients hire us to do for them. Digital is where your prospects find you — and you have to know where to be in the digital sphere.

We have helped many companies and individuals with their digital strategies. Building awareness, demonstrating your expertise, and improving your interactions on social media platforms will build a strong network and help you get recognized.

We keep up with changes on the key business social media platforms and best practices for Digital Marketing.

Xand McMahon is now offering a FREE 30-minute consulting session on Digital Strategies. We will discuss:

  • The key social media platforms you should be using
  • Best practices to set up Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook
  • How to appropriately share content
  • How to engage your audience and those you didn’t even know were interested
  • What not to do
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